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    Pirate Day V 

Show Us Yer... Tatts!


Sydney's Pirate of the Year will be there!


Friday 11th November 2005 -12.30pm at St. Patricks Tavern


So we be changin' our minds - We be Pirates Aaarrrhhhh!!


Here be the PD'04 links 

  Pirate Day IV in Brussels  Pirate Day IV in Jersey


And it be a special link fer The Capital of Australia -Canberra


Five short years ago, a group of intrepid lunchtime drinkers ... 

Read on 

Pirate of the Year - Perpetual Shield .

TheShield.jpg (1200330 bytes)

Simon of St. Patricks with the Shield .



Comp'nies Pillaged for this great Day Aaarrrrgg 

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The Story behind Pirate Day 

M' Hardies - Ye can be checking out this great site:

International Talk Like A Pirate Day 

Contact Information

If you would like more information...
St. Patricks Tavern Sydney phone +61 2 9262 3277 
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